Workshops & Classes

Workshops & Classes

Hanging Cottage Sphere Class - May 25th, 2024

Join us on May 25th for our Hanging Cottage Sphere Class. Get  hands on with our experts to create a 12" wire basket into a ball with coconut coir. Each class includes (2) six packs of annuals and (6) four inch annuals. Pictures coming SOON!

Donít miss out on this fun and educational experience! Reserve your spot now. See you there!

Houseplant Hands-On Educational Class - April 20th, 2024

Root-Bound Plant? Letís Repot!

Is your beloved plant feeling a bit cramped in its pot? Fear not! Our upcoming Plant RePOTting Class is here to rescue your green companions. Join us on April 20th at 1:00 PM for an informative and hands-on session where youíll gain the know-how to give your plants the space they deserve.

What Youíll Learn:
Understanding Root-Bound Plants: Discover the signs of a root-bound plant and why repotting is essential.
Soil Amendments: Get the lowdown on different soil additives and substrates to create the perfect blend for your specific plant.
Hands-On Repotting: Bring up to 6 plants (up to 12 inches), and our expert staff will guide you through the repotting process.
Root Checks and Needs: Learn how to assess root health and cater to your plantís unique requirements.

🗓️ Date: April 20th
⏰ Time: 1:00 PM
📍 Location: 2601 E Fifth Street, Washington, MO 63090
Pricing: $15.00

Soil amendments are included.
Priced accordingly for up-potting.

Donít miss this chance to empower yourself with plant care knowledge! Reserve your spot now by visiting online store or calling (636)-239-6729. Letís give those roots some room to grow!

Priced accordingly for up-potting.

Mother's Day Plant & Sip - May 11th, 2024

Join us May 11th at 1:00 PM for our Mother's Day Plant & Sip! Sphagnum  moss lined basket including one quart perennial and (4) four-inch annuals or herbs or a mix of both. Topped off with sheet moss to finish the look. Includes (1) glass of wine! Additional glasses are available at $5.00 per glass.

Price: 75.00
Date: May 11th
Time: 1:00 PM
Location: 2601 E Fifth Street, Washington, MO 63090

Donít miss out on this fun experience! Reserve your spot now. See you there!